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100% clean and free app locker - Free App Lock is completely free and does not contain any malware. It is not only able to work efficiently but quite easy to use. By following the brief instructions on the uncluttered interface you can lock any executable program you want with no prior experience required.

What benefits can I expect?

New Tech Integrated

We are always focusing on the latest technology related and try to integrate them into our software products. Please keep this in mind: anything that can bring you convenience and efficiency, we'll do our best to make it a part of our software.

Intuitive UI & Features

We consider ease of use one of the most important components of software so you will never be disappointed with our straightforward UI design. Meantime, our software is really good at what it does with the key features you can apply in a click without learning information and skills along the way.

Free & Safe

There are tips and tricks of using our software, but we can assure you that there is no tricky part in terms of "Free and Safe". There is not any form of cost of using our software. More importantly, we don't install malware, spyware, adware and whatnot in your PC.

Ongoing Support

Although our software is very easy, you may still encounter some issues that prevent you from proceeding. We provide many tutorials to guide you through and you can feel free to contact us if you have more questions about our software, website or service.


Awards & Testimonials


  • Tucows

    Five Cows
    This free application locker manages to instantly and easily lock access to applications in the computer. Also it provides users with double safeguard by encrypting the lock software itself.
  • Core Download

    Five Star Rating
    A great piece of application lock software to lock any executable program, efficiently preventing others from starting programs without your permission.
  • Softonic

    Editor's Choice
    We can see developers' consideration from the design of this freeware's backup function and two alternative choices: speed priority and security priority.
  • Softpedia

    5 Ratings
    This freeware provides users with the way to manage the use permission of their apps. Also you can add the item "Encrypt with Free App Lock" into the context menu emerging while right-clicking the mouse.


  • Jared Denzil

    A capable guard to protect my applications from being used casually by other people
  • Sean Karson

    Perfect invention to guarantee the available programs on my laptop to run under my control by encrypting and decrypting
  • Zeke Baldwin

    I appreciate its backup function, through which I got the chance to reset the passwords of my application instead of downloading another EXE
  • Rosalie Marquits

    Thanks to this awesome freeware, I needn't worry any more that my little son may carelessly open my office applications or mess them


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100% Free App Locker Software. Safe & Clean.

Free App Lock completely safe to install on your system and includes an uninstaller. If you don't like the Free App Lock, you can remove it from your hard disk within seconds.

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How to Encrypt Programs?

Free App Lock allows you to lock any executable programs with password from non-authorized execution to block other clients from modifying the variables stored in the Application object to protect your privacy.

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How to Decrypt Programs?

Free App Lock can lock the executable programs in your computer to prevent others using them without your authorization. It also allows you to easily unlock the programs.

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How to Set Encryption Mode?

Free App Loc provides you with two encryption modes for your choice: Speed priority mode and Security priority mode.

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How to Encrypt Programs on Right-click?

Free App Lock allows you to add the item "Encrypt with Free App Lock" into Right-click menu so that it becomes very convenient to encrypt apps.

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How to Protect Free App Lock Itself?

Free App Lock enables you to add password for this software self so that there's no other way to run or uninstall it if you have not the password.

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Who Are We?

Founded in 2005, FreeAppLock, Inc. has become a professional software developer in the area of system optimization, security, encryption and digital multimedia.

Customer Focus

Our mission is to remove some of the headaches of digital life and make our digital worlds simpler to navigate, easier to secure, and more enjoyable to live.

International Base

Customers' satisfaction is the best gift for us. We'll constantly pay attention to the users' opinion, develop new functions and improve the quality of our applications to keep ahead of the advancing technology. And we welcome any questions or suggestions about our products and website.


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